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Sheena from Wonderbaba.ie is a pharmacist and a working Mum. In this video she gives advice on dry skin.

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Snuggle Nest!! Suitable from birth, machine washable and 2 FAB styles to choose from! ❤️😍 https://bit.ly/2MpdFAX

For ONLY €24.99 at the ALDI Baby Event from Thurs 16th, these will fly off the shelf so get tagging and the date in your diary! ↙️📆↘️


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Lorna Geary, a fraction of the price of the dearer ones.

Orla O Flynn huge baby event in Aldi this week

Nicola look at these

Jessica Spratt I have this and I swore by it when lottie was born!!!

Nicola Wall these are supposed to be great and great price too!

Sandra Creagh Fancy taking a trip to Aldi for me Thursday?

Carol Boland these are awful handy if u haven't got one already x

Leighanne Murray i wanted this but it sold out. do u want me to try get one if i see one?

Hazel Toomey if u can get ur hands on one of these it be great for the cot kevins mam got one for faye and it was brilliant

Yep that's my shopping day anyway ha xxx

Caroline Mansfield-Casey if you’re in early Thursday you might pick this up please?

Sabrina Hester Lorna Hester if either of you are near aldi on thurs can you grab me one of these 😂😂

Emma Murray will u be there Thursday ? If so can u grab one for me plz

Maureen Jordan can we go bunclody Thursday x

This is da best thing ever I had one for my baby boy there brillAnt

Ya was wondering wud I get it wat da tink are they worth it?

What the upper age limit on this ladies?

Sylvia Leamy are u workin on thrus to get me 1 will give u money thanks

Mary Morgan if u in Aldi will u pick one up for me x

Emma O'Leary would u be in aldi thurs to get me one?

Lizzie Morris click on the link n look all baby stuff and loads n it for Noah n cassie I'm gonna go get her few bits

Laura Finnegan and Jaclyn Heffernan, I know you were thinking of one of these things so thought you might be interested X x

Rachel Ward best things ever

Sinead O'Donovan I'm gonna go in dunmanway after swimming on Thurs if your around

Tracey Campbell I really recommend these

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You name a date and I'll make sure I'm free x

Katie Maguire Mary Cosgrove O'Brien Susan Maguire Mandy Kenny this is def us 🙈🙈

Áine McEneaney Emma Ní Céileachair Sarah Williamson Karen Wynne Leah Mcshane (u may as well be.)

Ali Delaney still waiting on that coffee 😂 hope your keeping well xx

Ruth Geoghegan Rachael Hempenstall Kelly it’s all going to change 😂

Chloe Kerins so us 😂😂😂

Every time Tina Classon🙈😭

Amy Staunton definitely us 😂

Charmaine Hannigan this is us 🤣🤣🤣

Amber Ní Higgin well if this isn’t us 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂

Mairéad Baker I'm so sorry I'm actually a terrible friend I promise I will make it over 😂😂 love ya x

Agnė Agnetė us 😁😁

Chelsey Casey see you in 20 years 😂❤

Hannah Joy, Danielle Scanlon, right? 😂😂😂

Lol Mai 😂😘😘

Shaunalouise Fitzgerald yep all the time haha 😂

Ruth Sharon Samantha us in a nutshell😂😂

Shannon O Brien we might make it to the gym by 2020 😂😂😂

Heather Cogan we better get going on the plans before December 😂😂

Valerie Cremin Megan Copps life

I know, we have to pick a day and stick to it!!

You nailed it

Denise Chambers this is us 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Orla Devine Sarah Sugrue how long did it take us to organize that dinner...we may start planning our next one now!!

Natasha Maguire ain't that the truth 😂😂😂

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Mandy Carr true story 😩

Reenu Varughese the pain 😓😪


Bhangu Daman Priyanka Mishra ......... ye hai humari kahani 😁😁😁

Sharon story of our lives 😫

Lorraine McInerney 😂😂 X

Eric 😂

Lisa Egan🤔🤔🤔😉😉😉😉

Jamie Johnston this is my daily struggle

Will Hunt 😂😂😂

Xtraceyx Tommy 😂

Anthony O'Brien 🤣


Leon O Leary

Emma Doyle

Gaz O Brien

Alena Kalisova 😂😂😂

Tanya Doyle Brennan


Jamie Cremin

Mark Moorehead 😂😴

Rose Kinsella

Victoria Coogan

Jason O'sullivan 🙈

Brian Slattery 🙈

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Maternity leave: Loneliness can strike! Step out and find your feet!


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Sarah O'Connell😀


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Aoife Caffrey your house maybe 🤔

Tom Byrnes you every single night 🤦🏻‍♀️

SainathReddy totally you..

Philip Darcy all the time lol

Remind you of anyone?? 🙈😂 Johnny Heavey

Tom Murphy is that what I do?

John Duffin, you every night with Aidan!!!

Craig Sheridan😂😂my face when you get the kids wound up 😂😂

So fecking true 😤

Clare Killian.....Me!!! 😂😂 I'll be over tomorrow 😆

DanielGeoghegan 😂😂

Phil Connolly remind you of anyone 🤔🤔

Maeve and Aidan ..... “fight to the finish”.....: 🤣

Darren Edmonds half 7 every night......🤨

Jade Hawke can’t wait 🙇🏽‍♂️

Steven Donegan I will kill you one of these days haha

Ha Alan every night this is my face!

Piotr M Rin I was thinking it’s just here 🙄

Dan Hicks I'm the husband though 🤣

Keith Tighe u last night haha

Billy Murphy this is you 🙄🙈

John Farrell why is this you? 😂

Or an uncle .... 👀 Paul Gordon

Niamh Gary you’re the husband🤣

Paul Croke only a few minutes ago I managed to intercept this!

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