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Sheena from Wonderbaba.ie is a pharmacist and a working Mum. In this video she gives advice on dry skin.

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NUK Soothers v Standard Soothers!


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I cannot find these anywhere?! Bought 2 in TK Maxx. The baby loves them. TK maxx do not have them now.. help!

Jon Hutcap

Imelda Hunt

Murty Walsh


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Kate Mahony for calpol for Finn xx

🤭🤔Ailish Ní Seoighe Bridie Gracey look at this 😃

Lynn Egan, some idea

Amanda Casey for when the teeth arrive!!

Marguerite Casey Carol Boland wish I knew this sooner lol

Sinead O'Connor. Remember this down the line

Graham J Holmes new tactic!

Claire Maunsell Lauren McEnery so smart !

Kathryn Barrett for when Alannah has her 1st i jections

Michelle Carmody pity yea didn't about this with Cillian wen he was small ha

Samantha this so handy if they fussy to take it !

Marc Gent that's clever isnt it xx

Laura O'Keeffe this is really good idea!

I’ve done this, it actually works 👍🏻

Paul this could be handy tomorrow

MsEve NìChárthaigh wonder would this be worth a Try?

Michelle McNulty Pearson i thought i was the only one

Chloe Chloë Browne

Jessica Finnerty keep this in mind for when ya need it 😆

Lorrayne Hearns FYI 👧🏽

Aisling ahead of the game lol

Olivia Rowe Tori Lonergan

This could be useful Patrick Kelly

Emma Walsh😊

Michelle Coleman Assumpta Gordon Rachel Forde😊

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Colin Barry 😂😂

That u Ciaran the hairy one 😂😂😂😂😂

Keith, I’m gonna have to keep tagging you in these 🤣

It would take more than a year for me to look like that , maybe by the time she’s in college 😂😂

Christine Mowlds 😂this is what no sleep does to u

Tony Kelly In your case your at the 1 year at 4 months

Think it’s the other way around for you Diarmúid Shuel 😆🤪

Tara Fitzgerald after one year resembles me there now 😂

Kris Thompson😂😂 add 2 more and it explains cliffy

Jonathan Farrelly an actual representation of me 😂

Stephen Hone this is scarily accurate 😂😂😂

Aoife Ryan u have it all ahead of u 😂😂

Congratulations to you both what have you called the wee fella. Hope mum and baby are well xx

Matt Smith and Nicola Smith is this in anyway accurate?

Sophie Murtagh there's George 😂😂 the joys

Paul Martin there isn’t even an image that can represent us

Sean Mcveigh u’ll be back looking like the Oz days!!!

Andrew i told you you were beginning to look like tom hanks in the castaway, guess this is why😂

AnneSophie Schorsij were nearly there! And its looking accurate 😂😂😂

Ciara O declining rapidly 😂😂

Sarah Cubbard this is actually you😂😂

Damien Knox will this be u??

Charlene Collins it reminds me of Danny 😂😂

Shane Kenny only your losing hair not gaining it 😂😂

Mark Byrne .... ha ha ha just had to tag you 😴

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Littlies on the MOOOOve at LIDL...with leopards, fish & cows...!! 🐯🐠🐮

Keep kiddies happy for family trips...or new year holidays! Ride on luggage...sturdy, protective & child friendly! JUST €19.99 ❤️🛄 In store Mon 22nd!

Check out this FUN, fab & practical special buy from LIDL this Mon 22nd!! ➡️ https://bit.ly/2POIvSa


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Shona Bennett see these!

Ccorina Kirwan Joe Kirwan for our holidays

Gráinne Francis they have a cow one and all 😂

Eileen Carroll for Anna's next adventure 😎😊

Melissa Hession for Cara sleep overs in her nanny’s lol

Saundra Ryan fir kilkee for the pixies 🙈

Santa Sandra Kalnina where you looking for this? Xxx

Jessicajean Arkins were you looking for them suit cases x

Elaine Culligan weren't you looking at these for Jamie

Got one today. It's so cute and my little guy will love it.

Very good price I paid much more 😖

Tbh they more look like girls these no I don't know

Geraldine Mullarkey get one for luke

Laura Drennan for eves holidays nxt year 😁

Mary Collins if ur in this week could u pick me up one for Thomas please

Shauna Louise Kearns look at the cow one😍

Ellie O Shaughnessy for holidays?

Jessica Doyle for July xx

Kevin Foleyhow cute we should get one!

Joseph Curran straight up tomorro n get her 1

Daryl Berrill can we get her one of these 😍

Bear Greaves I was only talking about these!

Emma Foley is it something like this for a kids suitcase you want?

Bernie Geoghegan will u keep a look out for these

Daniel for Jamie's hols 🤣😍

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