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Carol Whitford this will be me on Saturday!


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Cradle Cap!!! Treatment options and what not to do!


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You can listen to your Mummysaver BabyDoc Basics podcast on cradle cap for FREE right here too! ❤️ bit.ly/2FyfHM8

Will it go away itself if untreated or will it spread?

Dentinox cradle cap shampoo is brilliant. Most places say it’s not being made anymore. But it is, my pharmacist ordered some in for me. It’s 6 - 7e a bottle

We had a severe case of cradle cap. Was over over the little fellas head and eyebrows. Stinks so bad btw.... we had it 99 percent cleared up, with the treatment. But now it looks like we’re going through a 2nd round of it 😭😭 it’s starting at the top of his head again. Anybody else happen more than once ??

Olive oil after a bath and a baby soft brush just brush in circles and it's takes it away.

Olive oil and a comb will shift it in 2-3 sittings.. I loathe these money making adds promoting shite full of shite when olive oil is so cheap and more effective than anything on the market.

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