10 things you can do when visiting a new mum….she will thank you for it!!

It is the most exciting news….someone you love has just had a new baby! You simply can’t wait to go and visit for that first cuddle!!

But do you know what to do or what to bring?? AND more importantly what not to do?? When you are going to visit a new Mum, we have a top choice here of 10 things you really need to consider when going to check out a new bundle of joy, and new mum too!!

1. Always call ahead!! Texts can even be more appropriate! 

The number 1 rule for going to visit a new mum, is DO NOT turn up unannounced! If you are simply popping by to give a baked dish, that is different. But do not drop in without warning, if you are intending to stay!!

2. Bring food….or even a latte!

Time is at a premium for new mums!! Between feeds and long nights, it can be a struggle sometimes even just to get a shower in. Never mind the time it can take to make a family meal! Every new mum will love to see a tray bake coming in the door-that’s one less job for new mum to think about this evening! And a fresh cup of her favourite coffee, or even a smoothie, always goes down a treat.

3. Don’t bring sickness! 

Yes…we know you are so excited to see mum and baby! But if there are any bugs or viruses going in your own household, you should hold off on that visit!! The last thing new mum wants, is a sick little newborn!!

4. Wash your hands when you arrive.

This is just common sense!! If you were visiting in the hospital, you would be expected to wash or sanitize hands before entering…so do the same at home! Drop whatever you have brought with you, and wash your hands. It will give mum great peace of mind and she will really appreciate you doing it!

5. Leave the kiddies at home.

For that very first visit, you should really do your best to come solo!! New mum might find having extra kids charging around very stressful. Also, she may not want those extra germs right now either! Leave bringing the kids for a little while yet!

6. Offer to help around the house.

If you are visiting in the very first few days of little ones arrival, and you are comfortable to offer-ask mum would she like anything done? While mum might be caught up with feeding, you could easily be chatting while washing a few dishes for her. Or even sorting the sock basket….every little bit of help will be so welcome.

7. Ask how Mum is.

It’s so easy to focus on the new arrival….sure that is why you are visiting! But don’t forget about mum too. She will be feeling fairly delicate, and it will help to be able to talk with a friend, and just to know someone is thinking about her also!

8. Try and talk about something other than little one.

Again, try not to have the entire visit focusing on baby! Mum will love to hear any of your news also, and what’s happening in the outside world. Another good choice of things to bring with you, is an up to date magazine!

9. Wait til mum offers you a hold of baby.

New moms are very protective of their babies. Playing pass the baby, can make mum feel anxious or stressed. No matter how much you want those snuggles, try to be respectful of this, and wait til she offers you a hold!

10. Time to leave!!

In the first few days and weeks, keep your visits short and sweet-20-30 minutes, tops. Longer visits are better later on!! Sometimes, she may want you to stay longer, she may need the company! But if you see it’s time to feed, or mum and baby are getting tired, don’t hang around! Sometimes it can be hard to read the situation, so no harm in simply asking-“I’m going to head off now, unless you’d like me to stay a little longer with you?”

AND enjoy all those newborn cuddles!! 😍😃😍


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