A shopping guide to expecting Twins…..when expecting two, sometimes just one will do!!

What can be more exciting than the news of expecting twins!! Twice the love, twice the cuddles……but twice the shopping! This can seem a bit daunting initially, what do you actually need to buy 2 of?? 🤔😕🤔

Not to worry….here we have a quick guide of when you need to buy 2, and when just 1 will do!! 👶👶

1. Lets start with the MUST buys! 💙💜

While just one of some items will do, there are definite things you have to buy 2 of for twins!!!! Before you even leave the hospital, you are going to need 2 car seats….this an absolute NO sharing item!!

Next…bath time!! 2 bath seats is an absolute must! Trying to manage 2 babies in a bathing situation is hard enough work. Having 2 bath seats will give you the confidence to look after each babies needs simultaneously. And just like bath time, dinner time can be a task and a half….2 high chairs is a must,to leave you free to prepare food and feed both your little ones with as little hassle as possible. Although not totally necessary, we would highly recommend 2 bouncer seats. These will keep babies safe and happy, while you can keep on top of daily tasks!

Lastly, we would recommend at least 2 of all the “high demand” items such as rattles, soothers, teethers etc! Keeping both of your little ones happy and entertained at the same time should be top of your list!!

2. Sharing is Caring!! 💙💜

Lets face it, twins will have to share a whole lot as they go through their lives, and while you can get away with more sharing while their younger…..sharing right now is definitely caring! From the get go, sharing a crib/cot is a big ticket item you can delay for a while! In fact, it is very beneficial for your babies to cozy up together!

You can only change one baby at a time, so another big ticket saving is your changing unit. Just one to share will be perfect. Make sure it has a good lot of storage space, as you will have double the changing to do!! Also, baby monitors….just 1 set is all you need to keep your ears on your little ones!

Self care items you will only need one of also. Items such as thermometers, nail clippers, soaps etc…! Common sense will prevail on the day to day stuff.

3. Try before you buy!! 💙💜

As a new parent, you absolutely want your best for your little ones. The difference with twins is that it is 2 of everything….so don’t jump straight in until you’ve done a bit of tried and tested. Buying 1 item and trying it out for a few days between your little ones is a great idea. You will very quickly see if it is worth investing in 2 of them!! There’s no denying it, you need to be money savvy when it comes to twins!

Don’t forget……double trouble also means…….Double the LOVE!! 💙💜



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