TUMMY TIME – Helpful Mum to Mum tips and products to help little one!

Tummy Time – not ALL babies are fans of tummy time unfortunately! BUT, it is hugely important for baby’s development, and should really be practiced from as early as possible! Here is a very quick and helpful read covering different aspects of tummy time for little one! Why it is needed, products, and helpful Mum to Mum tips! We hope it will help avoid tears and make it as stress free as possibe!

What is Tummy time and why is it needed?

  • Super important from day 1 – once home you will be asked have you being doing tummy time?
  • Involves laying baby on their tummy when they are alert and awake (never to sleep!). This will help develop and strengthen muscles needed to lift their heads, push themselves up and roll over!
  • Tummy time provides all the foundations for sitting, crawling and standing!
  • Babies will naturally spend a lot of time on their backs – sleeping, in a car seat, bouncer, pushchair. So you need to give them the opportunity to practice!
  • BUT is can be frustrating and hard work for them – some will cry straight away!

TOP TIP – stick to very shorts bursts of it a few times a day in the early days! Then progress to longer when they have established some control and are enjoying the new skill! Don’t force it! If baby is tired, upset or it’s not working – try again later!


Products that can help take the tears out of tummy time!


1. Roll up blankets/towels to prop baby up…cheap and cheerful. You will have lots around the house anyway – so doubling up functions! But not too much fun!

2. Tummy time cushions (these are often included as part of a play mat set.. or can be purchased individually) loads of options but these two options are definitely worth a look!

  • Tiny love meadow days dynamic gymini approx €60 – gorgeous play mat, activity gym with added portable tummy time pillow – available from bella baby or check online!
  • Bright starts giggle safari prop mat with prop cushion approx €12.99 from Symths! Fun colours with linked toys!

3.Tummy time rollers are usually bright and bold colours with designs perfect for sensory stimulation and discovery! Included mirrors, crinkles, rattles, squeaks, music PLUS dangling toys/ribbons to keep them distracted and happy. Great support and easy to travel with! Also, even when baby can sit up, they will still enjoy! Here are some options to check out!

  • Mamas and papas tummy time roll for approx €25 !!
  • Look out fo cheaper Nuby ones – available from Boots! Or watch out for Aldi or Lidl baby events for €1o or €12!

4.Breast feeding or pregnancy pillows can double up for tummy time too!Check out some of these feeding pillow options below!

  • Clever mama 10 -1 clevacushion for approx €49. A great product used for pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn support and a tummy time function too! 1 cushion with 10 functions! Widely available from Mothercare, boots, symths etc.
  • Use your own breastfeeding pillow too and place toys in front of it, to keep baby entertained and happy!


How to encourage baby to enjoy the time!

  • A really simple one is to lie baby on your chest, talk to them, make noises, engage with them to encourage them to lift their heads and look at you! This is also great for bonding time and can be skin to skin time for mum or dad!
  • Lie on your tummies together, either side-by-side or face-to-face.
  • Make sure it’s a surface that baby can push up easily on, not too squashy!!
  • Entertain with their favourite toy or just smile, make faces and noises to keep them engaged!
  • Remember to pick them up and comfort them when they are upset or have had enough! And praise all the time! Never, leave them alone when they are young and practicing tummy time.
  • Vary the places you do it and involve other members of the family too…dad or a sibling!
  • Try massaging him in that position to help relax him…maybe pre bath routine!

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