Trying to conceive? Here are some pre-conception tips

The best start

Control your weight

Get as close to your ideal weight as possible. Being seriously overweight or underweight when trying to conceive can decrease your chances.

Stop smoking, and avoid secondhand smoke

While the body cleanses itself of many harmful substances from smoke in days, some are stored in fat and take longer to eliminate. Smoking is associated with prematurity and low birthweights. Increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and asthma.

Stop drinking alcohol

As with smoking, the body stores some harmful substances in fat and can take a month or more to eliminate them.

Stop recreational drugs

All have an adverse effect on your baby.

Discuss with your caregiver any prescription medications you are taking

You may need to stop taking some drugs for heart disorders, blood thinners and some medications for depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders — but only in consultation with a doctor.

Start taking vitamins, including folic acid, calcium and other nutrients

These are important to a healthy pregnancy and baby, at least two months before conception.

Know your blood type and that of the father

If they are not compatible, your blood type also may be incompatible with the baby’s, leading to anemia or more serious problems for the infant at birth.

as always these are just a guideline if you have any concerns please contact your healthcare provider!

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