Terrible teething!! Watch out for these important sign and symptoms……

There is simply no way around it!! Teething means a miserable old time for your little one…..but how do you know that its teeth causing the problem, and not something else??🤔🤔🤔

Not to worry….here is a 2 minute guide of what to watch out for and when you should expect to see the signs 😄🤙😄

When will teeth start to make an appearance?

First off….there is no exact formula to when teething will start, but as a general rule, 6 months is about average. But they can start to show signs anywhere as early as 4 months or as late as 8 months. And yet again, every baby is different and may show some of these symptoms, or none of them! If it happens to be none of them….count yourself, and baby, very lucky!!

What should I be watching out for?

1. Cheeks!!

Watch out for those rosy red cheeks….they might look cute, but red, flushed cheeks are an easily spotted sign, that teeth may be on the way! Teething shouldn’t present with a high temperature, so if a fever presents, use your judgement on getting a doctors advice.

2. Nappy Extravaganza!!

Let’s face it….changing dirty nappies isn’t the most glamorous part of being a parent! But you grin and bear it and are happy to know that baby is all fresh and ready to face the world again. But some extra “special” nappies, can be another sign that teeth are emerging. All the extra saliva produced from teething, can mean some pretty nasty nappies unfortunately! Best advice is to make sure you change little ones nappy immediately to avoid any irritation or rash to occur. Also use a barrier cream to help with keeping babies bottom well protected.

3. Excessive Dribbling!

When the teething process starts, your baby will begin to produce extra saliva. So you may want to stock up on those bibs and bandanas. Unfortunately all that excess drool, will only add to those nasty nappies! But again, try to keep babies chin and face as drool free as possible and always clean out those lovely chubby creases to avoid any irritation occuring.

4. Hands and fingers!

Your little one will want everything from hands and fingers in their mouths to try and get some pressure relief. Bad news with all that extra drool I’m afraid. They may also use their hands and fingers to pull at their ear and face or cheeks. Again, just trying to keep hands and faces as dry and as clean as possible is the best you can do here to avoid any irritation on baby’s sensitive skin.

5. Being a cranky little critter!

There are many reasons that your baby can be a little off or cranky. But with the added pressure of teething, it has the potential to go into overdrive. Really giving baby as much relief as possible is the best thing you can do (and lots of extra cuddles!!). Teethers are a great option here. You may have to try a few out to find the right one for your baby. But very often, a teether that can be chilled is a great option. This is because it has 2 purposes….pressure and cold….both great relievers for teething pain. * Dont forget to sterilise teethers regularly!

And when that first tooth does finally arrive….don’t forget those “Babys 1st tooth” photos….say cheese!😁😁😁



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