STERILISERS! Microwave or electric? Decisions…decisions?

Choosing what type of steriliser you want to buy, to keep all your baby bottles and accessories squeaky clean!! Not always an easy decision! Electric or microwave? This is the question?  Watch your Mummysavers talk PROS and CONS to both options!! And please feel free to comment with your thoughts too!! ↙️📺↘️ Please follow and like us:

Time to SHOP & SAVE with your weekly Mummysaver! September 19th

As they say…TIME is MONEY!! So let’s not waste either and dig into all the BIG and CRAZY offers on the baby aisles this week!! Let’s get SAVE!! ⬇️💰⬇️💰⬇️ ✅ SUPER buy 1 get one FREE on all new Pampers Pure Essential packs!! ✅ Save 33% on a 3 pack of Pampers Aqua Pure wipes….now Just €4.99! ✅ HALF PRICE on Selected […]

Reading to your newborn has so many benefits…start now!

Everyone should know reading to your baby is a massive boost to their development. When should you start to read to your Baby? Reading – Some parents find it a bit peculiar as your young baby doesn’t understand a word you’re saying. But when you think about it, you constantly talk to your baby all day and […]