How to keep a social life after baby and why its so important!


It’s easy to slip into your own world and lose touch with friends and family when you have a new-born baby. But, socializing with friends and family is important so as not to isolate yourself!

Without adult interaction and activities outside the home environment, isolation and loneliness may develop and continue into symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

Try to keep yourself active and involved with other friends or new mums as much as possible! A good idea, is to join mother groups, exercise groups etc while you are still pregnant. This will give you a chance to make new mum friends and to get comfortable with them, before your little one actually arrives. It can give you extra confidence to ask questions and talk to other new mums that you are already familiar with, instead of having to jump in the deep end, when you are putting all your efforts into being a new mum yourself!!

Some ideas to keep you connected to the outside world….

  • Join a mums group (Even before little one arrives!!)
  • Mommy and baby exercise classes.
  • Organise some play dates with friends or other mums
  • Try a yoga class
  • Enjoy some “mummy time” ask a friend, relative or partner to watch baby for a few hours and go enjoy something for yourself
  • Facebook….if you don’t have the time or energy to be getting out and about there are some great mum and baby groups on facebook its a great way to get to know other mums in similar situations and also get advise on any issues you might be faced with! If you aren’t a member of our group already then click here to join 
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