7 Super Simple Sensory Play ideas for your little one…..let the fun begin!!

We all know that sensory play is an important part of baby’s all round  development! But keeping sensory exploration new and interesting can be a challenge in itself!! Here we have 7 super simple sensory ideas to add to the list to keep your little one happy and busy! 

**Before we start……as always….with any activities that include water, small objects etc, supervision is a MUST!! 

1. Shake Shake Shake!!

Empty water bottles are fantastic for noise makers! Just empty those bottles out, and fill them with popcorn kernels, rice, lentils, even a bit of glitter to get a nice visual as well as sound. Make sure to securely tape the top of the bottle. Little ones love to watch the inside of the homemade rattle!!

2. Touch and Feel Boards…

A really simple idea to give a great tactile and visual experience, is to get a very sturdy piece of board (not too big!), and superglue on different fabrics and textiles. Such as bubble wrap, sandpaper, tinfoil, cloth, felt etc!!sensory board internal

3. Calling all Cotton Ball lovers!

Simply fill a container with water and some cotton balls. Your little one can explore how cotton balls soak up water, and how the water comes out when you squeeze them. This is a simple tactile activity, that encourages gross and fine motor skills. It also promote hand eye coordination. All very important for baby’s development.

4. Colours colours everywhere…

This is a dry activity!! Again, simply fill a fairly large container with different coloured items. Big and small is great. Anything from spoons, cups, funnels, sponges etc….anything and everything! Colour is an instant pleaser!! The more colour the better. Your little one can learn how to distinguish between light and dark, and even the names of colours!! Again, any items that you are happy for little one to play with independently, but under your supervision.

5. Rice, Rice, Baby!

Rice is a very accessible and tactile material for baby to play with!! It makes a really nice sound, and feels great to the touch. Just fill a tray or container with uncooked rice and a few spoons or measuring cups….and away you go! Again, supervision is paramount!! Great for hearing, gross and fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. And again, you can easily swap the rice for lovely chunky pasta shapes!rice play internal


6. Tunnel Vision…

Little ones LOVE boxes!! They are an all rounder!! But you can make them even better for your little one, by adding a few simple things. Go to your local craft store, or even in your sewing box, and find different colours and textures of ribbon. Cut them to different lengths and attach them to the inside of your open ended box. Baby will love lying under them, or crawling through them. Great for vision, colours and textures!!

7. Baby bags….

This is a very tactile and clever little idea to keep little one entertained for hours. Simply get some good quality food seal bags, and find some different objects, such as buttons, spools, shoe laces etc. Pop them in the bag and them squeeze some hair gel into it. When filled, close the bag and seal it with some duct tape to  make it extra secure! Again, supervision is paramount!! Great for hand eye coordination, vision, tactile senses!baby bag internal





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