Peek-a-boo…the absolute GENIUS behind this simple baby game!

Peek-a-boo…the one game we all know how to play with little one!! But, there is SO much more to this simple game than a few laughs and giggles! Learn why baby never gets sick of it it..and how it will help development!

Playing Peek-a-boo…

So, simply hiding and reappearing on your little one. Not much more to it than that…or is there? Well, all games are good for encouraging little one’s developoment. But this one, is one to play over and over. EVEN if you get sick of it..your little one won’t. *BONUS* it’s a super simple game that siblings can play with the new addition!

Why is it so exciting for baby?

Babies literally believe that objects cease to exist when out of sight! Kind of like the current trend of “what the fluff challenge” among dog owners. They hide behind a blanket in the doorway, drop the blanket while running away, and the dogs are amazed that they have diappeared into thin air! Well…so are babies amazed when you diappear. It’s like magic for them. Once they can’t see you, you don’t exist. And when you reappear…it’s a HUGE surprise that your back! Out of sight, out of mind – Ta daaa….!!

The pros and cons for development!

So, while playing Peek-a-boo is all fun and games, there is reasoning behind the fun! In the beginning, when little one has no idea of ‘object permanence’ (that you still exist, if can’t see you), its all still a lovely surprise. And playing it over and over, may get boring for you, but it is hugely encouraging little one’s brain development! But further on, as little one starts to develop ‘object permanence’, it can lead to separation anxiety. From about 4 to 6 months onwards, baby has newly developed emotional attachments, plus realises that you do still exist after you have disappeared. So, don’t be surprised if that separation anxiety kicks in. But..this is all part and parcel of milestones and developments!

SO…get hiding and playing!! Let the fun begin!!

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