Kiddylicious - Weaning

NEW PARENTS – Take the guess work out of weaning with these tell tale signs!

Kiddylicious - Weaning

NEW PARENTS – Knowing if baby is ready to move onto soilds can be a WORRY!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Kiddylicious to HELP you spot 3 KEY SIGNS! Watch now to get your adventures into weaning off to a flying start!

First time parents – knowing when to move your little one onto solids can be a worrying time! But there are some great tell-tale signs to watch out for! So we’ve teamed up with our friends at Kiddylicious to help take the guess work out of weaning!

3 key things to watch for!

  1. Your baby is able to sit up with some support and starts to keep their head stable. It is normal for them to still lose balance and roll over! They will be able to push themselves up with straight arms and can turn their head to look around whilst on their tummy.
  2. Grabbing is the new favourite past time! Eyes and hands both working together to get everything towards the mouth, building on their developmental skills. Watch out though… clothes and even hair are all ‘up for grabs’!
  3. You’ve got a ‘FOOD STALKER’! Your little one will be fascinated by everything you eat, from plate to mouth and back again! They may even try to copy your chewing action and steal from your plate!

Every baby develops at their own rate and will reach these milestones in their own time! When they’re ready, first purees and finger foods are going to be key! As babies are born with a sweet preference, try to incorporate as much veg as possible, this will help avoid a sweet tooth in the future.

The Kiddylicious range tick all the boxes for little ones first steps into weaning…available from Dunnes Stores, Tesco and SuperValu.

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