Learning to walk, how your baby is moving and keeping them safe.

Walking is a big achievement for your child and a real game changer when it comes to looking after your little one.

Once they start they will just keep on getting better and better as the months go by. As their mobility improves so does their ability to investigate where they couldn’t go before. Once your child shows signs of walking you need to upgrade your childproofing around the house.

How is my baby moving?

Most babies will learn to walk after they are 12 months old but don’t get too hung up on exact time frames when it comes to this, all children are different.
When a baby learns to walk they are called ‘toddlers’ because that’s what they do, they toddle around the place. Their legs are wide apart and they hesitate with each step.
After 6 months from taking their first steps your toddler will develop a better and more mature gait. They will hold their hands at their side as opposed to holding them out for balance. They will also walk with their feet closer together.

During the last few months of ‘practice’ you will get lots of falls and stumbles but this is all part of the learning curve. You can’t protect your toddler from every fall but you can make it safer by childproofing your home as best you can. It’s a good idea to get down to the child’s eye level and explore what dangers there are around the house.

What comes after walking?

When toddlers get up from a fall they will place their hands out in front, lift up their bottom and then pull their feet under. Not the most graceful or elegant move but it works for them.
A few months into walking your child will begin to feel more confident and have a willingness to take on new challenges. These may include picking up and carrying objects, walking while pulling a toy behind them and climbing stairs.

Before your child is 2 years that may be able to run, kick a ball and even try and throw a ball. Over 2 years of age your toddler may jump in place.

As children develop the ability to move they are learning all the time. Their brain is developing at a rapid pace and walking, running, throwing, climbing stairs takes a lot of figuring out!

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