Kiddylicious - Allergen friendly for snacks

Kiddylicious “Allergen Friendly” snack ranges keep snack time simple & sensitive tummies happy!

Kiddylicious - Allergen friendly for snacks

Did you know *1 in 20* Irish children now suffer from food allergies?

NOT always EASY when it comes to keeping sensitive little tummies topped up and happy!

Kiddylicious “Allergen Friendly” snack ranges keep snack time hassle-free & hungry tummies happy- at home or on the go! Watch now and SHARE to help other parents!


Did you know approximately 1 in 20 children in Ireland suffer from food allergies? As mums, this can be tough to manage when it comes to that all-important ‘snack time’ for toddlers at home or on the go! Our friends at Kiddylicious make things a bit easier!

Kiddylicious have a selection of allergen friendly snacks to keep snack time hassle free! Choose from snacks that are free from nuts, dairy, egg or gluten. Safe for your little one’s tummy, EASY and yummy!

Kiddylicious snacks are perfectly portion sized for your convenience – one pack represents one portion.

The allergen free snacks include wafers and fruity puffs, which are both free from gluten, milk, nuts and eggs. They also make the perfect snacks for weaning! If your little one is past the weaning stage, there are yummy fruit wriggles, apple crisps and crispy tiddlers! These are all free from egg, milk, gluten and nuts and make up 1 of your little one’s 5-a-day! They look and taste so delicious you might even find yourself having a nibble or 2.

Now just to mention – allergies should never be self diagnosed. If you suspect your baby or toddler does have an allergy to certain foods you should always go to your doctor or healthcare professional to determine what’s going on.

We’ve included handy Kiddylicious allergen friendly snack guides in the comments below. Check out their yummy ranges available from, Dunnes Stores, Tesco and Supervalu! Peace of mind for mum and snacky goodness for little ones!

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