Are you due this month?? We have some beautiful Irish April names for your new arrival!!

Choosing baby names is one of the best parts of being pregnant!! There are so many unique and wonderful names out there, so how do you choose??

Well….here at the BabyDoc we are all about Irish, and love all these uniquely Irish names that are perfect for the month of April. Sun, growth, new beginnings, and of course April showers. But April also means the start of getting back to the outdoors, and the rebirth of nature. What is not to love!! 😍🙂😍

Here we have our Top 10 Irish Girl Names, perfect for their April arrival….

1. Aibreann- The Irish word for April itself.

2. Bláthnaid- Meaning Little Flower. Perfect for new little blossoms.

3. Síofra- Meaning a fairy, Sprite, or changeling.

4. Cadhla- Meaning beauty and beautiful.

5. Kimberly- Meaning From the Meadow or Fortess.

6. Sorcha- Meaning Bright and Radiant.

7. Rossa- Meaning Beautiful Flower.

8. Leanna- Shining and brilliant.

9. Aubrey- Ruler of the Elves.

10. Fenna- Meaning Small Fawn!

And now for our Top 10 Irish Boys Names for April……

1. Ruadhairí- Meaning Fruitful and Fertile.

2. Eoghan- Meaning born of the Yew Tree.

3. Oisín- Meaning little or baby deer.

4. Slevin- Meaning Mountain.

5. Daire- Meaning fruitful.

6. Enda- Meaning to be bird like.

7. Lachlan- Meaning of the lake.

8. Scoithín- Meaning to bloom or blossom.

9. Féidhlim- Meaning bright and beautiful.

10. Kelvan- Meaning of the river.

And if Irish names just aren’t for you….here’s a few alternatives that might just fit the bill…..

1. Daisy – the flower for the month of April.

2. Harper – The author of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, was born on 28th April 1926.

3. Emerald – a beautiful color name for April babies.

4. Anthea – a name derived from the Greek goddess of flowers.

5. Charlotte– Charlotte Bronte of the famous Bronte sisters, was born on 21st April 1916.

6. Atherton – It means ‘from the town by a spring’.

7. Leonardo– April born Leonardo Da Vinci was a Renaissance painter.

8. River– April brings not only flowers and sunshine but also rain showers!

Happy name choosing to all our BabyDoc Mums and Dads to be!!  And may April not just bring April Showers, but beautiful bundles of joy!! 😘😘😘

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