20 Ways that you can help a new mum out!

It’s so exciting when a friend or family member has a new baby! You can’t wait to meet this new person who you will watch grow up!

While you may be eager to meet the little one, there are some things to remember when you do go to visit the new baby. Follow this guide to be a great visitor and help the new mum out as much as possible!

1.Give Her Space

I know from my own experience that having a baby is a hectic time. Not just because you’ve just welcomed a new life into the world – which you are responsible for. Also because family and friends are all eager to visit you and the new baby. Try to remember that the new mum will be tired and will be getting lots of visitors at the moment. So try to give her some space. Wait until a week has passed before visiting, this way the new mum will be rested, had time to bond with baby, and to deal with all of the visitors.


2.Stay in Touch

While it is nice to give a new mum some space, it is also good to stay in touch with them and let them know that you are there for them if they ever need it.



3. Send something to them

If you live too far away to visit, send them something like flowers or delivery from Tesco! She’ll really appreciate it and it might just brighten her stressful day!

4. Don’t expect to be waited on when you visit them in their house

Instead of expecting to be made tea and coffee, offer to do it yourself. She has enough to do with the new baby so giving her a chance to sit down and be looked after by you will be hugely appreciated.


5. Drop off Some dinner

Having dinners delivered by family and friends helped me so much when I had my first-born. The thoughts of making dinner was too much to cope with at the time as I was so exhausted! By making extra dinner and dropping some over to the new-mum, you’re taking a huge stress off of their shoulders!




6. Stop at a shop en route

If you’ve arranged to visit, tell her you’re stopping at a shop and it’s no problem to pick up anything she needs!



7. Bring items that will make mums’s life easier

Baby products, kitchen essentials such as milk and bread can be a huge help to any new mum who’s busy looking after her newborn!



8. Listen to HerĀ 

Listen to any problems she might have and let her know you’re there to help in any way that you can!


9. Ask about the Birth

Ask about how the birth went. Asking this shows that you really care about her and baby. It can also help you to understand how she is feeling about the whole experience.


10. Tell her how good she looks

After having a baby, many women become extremely self-copnscious about their appearance. I remember all too well how overweight and lethargic I felt. Reassuring her that she looks good can lessen the stress she is holding.


11. Babysit for her

This can be such a huge help to any new mum! Whether it’s her older kids or the newborn, babysitting her kids means that she can relax and get things in the house done or take a well-deserved rest for a few hours.


12. Know the signs and symptoms of Post Natal Depression (PND)

It is so important to know the signs and symptoms of Post Natal Depression (PND). Being educated and aware of the signs and symptoms can help you to recognise the condition in a loved one and help them to get treatment. I recently wrote a guide on the signs and symptoms of post-natal depression which you can access here!


Postnatal depression website


13. Don’t tell her shes doing things wrong

This is the worst thing you could do to any new mum! She’s stressed out enough as it is, she doesn’t need to be told that her way of doing things is wrong! Just don’t do it unless it’s concerning the baby or the new mum’s health!


14. Keep Encouraging Her

New mums need encouragement. I know I did, when you have your first born you tend to doubt everything you’re doing. A bit of encouragement from a family member or friend can make things much easier!

15. Go to the shops for her

Doing shopping can be a nightmare with a newborn. And while there are services such as Tesco delivery, sometimes you want products from stores that don’t deliver. Offering to do her shopping for her or get specific items can make such a difference to her!


16. Walk her dog

Walking the dog is still something that needs to be done when a new baby comes along! Especially if you want dog to get along with the new baby and not see them as a diruption to their daily routine! It’s important to keep doggie’s routine the same for a harmonious household!



17. Take her older kids somewhere for a day

Taking her older kids out of the house and out of her hair can let mum have special time to bond with her new baby.


18. Leave Your Own Kids At Home

If you’re planning on visiting new mother, make sure you don’t bring your own kids with you! They may stress her out even more as they might be loud and have their own needs which will distract you from your loved one.


19. Don’t Expect a Thank You Card

Don’t expect to receive a thank you card from a new mum for any gifts you send her. She’s far too busy to remember to write one, never mind do it! Rest assure that she will appreciate anything you send her!



20. Hold their baby while they shower and help around the house!

Something so simple as having a shower can become a huge ordeal when you have a new baby! Being their to hold their baby while they shower can make them feel a thousand times better!


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