Having a Baby at St. Luke’s General Hospital (Carlow – Kilkenny)

St. Luke’s General Hospital  – Everything you need to know for first-timers including all the important stuff you don’t think of like parking, nearby shops, pharmacies and where you can pick up some extra baby bits! This is real information that could save you a bit of panic on the big day!


Having a baby is an exciting, nervous and sometimes scary time. The birth of your little one will change your life forever, which is a little bit daunting! Some expectant mothers are particularly anxious about the birth of their baby, I know I was! But being informed and prepared about the hospital you will be having your baby in can take a lot of this anxiety away. This is why we have started our Maternity Hospital Guide. This week we’re covering St. Luke’s General Hospital. All information has come from the St. Luke’s General Hospital patient booklet and the HSE website as well as a few extra nuggets we’ve picked up along the way!


Ok let me start with some of the more mundane things that you mightn’t think about!



Car Parking

The public car park is situated to the rear of the hospital, and the car park entrance/ exit has a one way system. Please observe signs.
The daily fee is €4

A barrier system is in operation; please take a ticket on entering the car park.

The hospital grounds must be freely accessible at all times for ambulance/ emergency services traffic. It is important that you park in the designated areas only. Cars parked in non designated parking spaces may be clamped.

All vehicles are parked at owners’ risk. Please do not park on double yellow lines.

There is a set-down area at the new north entrance.  Also, there is pedestrian access from the Freshford Road side through the new south entrance, which brings you straight into the atrium.


Disabled Car Parking

Designated areas are reserved for disabled drivers. You must have a disability parking card to park in the reserved spaces.







Coffee shop and Convenience Stores

The Coffee Dock, which is located in the Out Patient’s Department, is opened from:

8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

Vending machines are also available in the Radiology Department and Emergency Department.






Stores Nearby

1. Dunnes Stores is just a 10 minute drive away.

Address: Dunnes Stores, Saint Kieran’s Street, Kilkenny


2. Boots is also nearby, less than a 10 minute drive away!

Address: Boots, 36-38 High Street, Kilkenny


Visiting Policy & Times

Visiting Times   

2.00pm to 4.00pm

6.30pm to 9.00pm


Strictly no visitors between 4.00pm to 5.00pm as this is a rest period for Mother and Baby.

Only two visitors are permitted at any one time. Visitors are asked to cooperate by giving their places to those that arrive later. Only one agreed birth partner to remain with woman in Labour Ward.





Maternity Hospital Bag – Be Prepared

It is difficult to say precisely when labour will begin for each individual woman but you should be aware that labour can occur earlier than your due date. It is important that you are prepared for your admission to our hospital. You should have your hospital bag packed and ready before your estimated due date.

There is little storage available within the hospital for personal items. To facilitate good housekeeping and for health and safety reasons please keep personal items to a minimum, neat and tidy and off the floor.

Check out our guide on what should be in your Maternity Hospital Bag!

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What your partner should bring:

  • A small bag with the essentials for your partner in labour; you can bring in the bag with everything mum and baby will need once they have been transferred to the postnatal ward.
  • Pack a spare shirt or t-shirt and toothbrush and toothpaste so you can freshen up; it helps keep you alert and fresh.
  • Wearing layers of light clothing allows you to remove or add a layer to adjust to the heat in the labour ward.
  • Front-opening shirts or tops are ideal for skin to skin contact with your baby.
  •  Phone:  You might need your phone charger too!
  •  Hospital Chart: If your partner has been given her hospital chart, it needs to come to the hospital too.
  •  Luggage: Space is very limited in the labour ward!



Information in this guide has been gathered from The hse website and the St. Luke’s General Hospital patient booklet. For more information about the hospital, call 061 327455  to contact the hospital directly.


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