Fly or Not to Fly……if you are pregnant, it’s all in the planning!!


Looking to fly off on a “Holiday just for 2” before your bundle of joy arrives? That sounds like a super idea, and is absolutely achievable once you get your planning and homework done!! But what do you need to know before booking that trip??

1. First off….when is the best time to fly?

General speaking, it is best to not fly in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is mainly advised due to morning sickness and the potential increased risk of miscarriage. Though many pregnant women have no trouble flying in their first trimester. Our advise would be to consult your doctor, if you have any worries. And although airlines will allow you to fly, it is probably better to plan your trip outside of the first 12 weeks!

The 2nd trimester really is the best time for you to travel. Morning sickness should be trailing off and you are not big enough to feel too “uncomfortable” yet. Most airlines will allow you to freely travel up to 28 weeks pregnant, so long as there has been no complications! But really…the closer to due date…the closer to home you should be!

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2. Staying on board with Airline rules!

Let’s just say it right from the start…..every airline will have different rules and guidelines, particularly if you are planning on flying long haul, international flights. So the absolute BEST policy here, is to check with your carrier for their exact policies.

Here are general guidelines that airlines will request from expectant mothers. Up to 28 weeks, you will generally not have to worry, as this is a “free to fly” zone!! After 28 weeks, as the likelihood of going into labour increases, an airline may request a “fit to fly” form. This form needs to be signed off by your doctor, to clear you for take off. Once you have had an uncomplicated pregnancy, you could be allowed to fly up to 36 weeks with your doctors permission. This changes to 32 weeks if you are pregnant with twins or triplets. And again, once you are having a normal, fit and healthy pregnancy!

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3. Packing the Paperwork…

While packing the maternity swimming togs is definitely important…one of the most valuable things you need to remember to pack is your medical records! First off, it is a simple way to show the airline your due date etc. But secondly, and very important…if anything should happen to you while you are away, having your records will make a huge difference in your care. While you are away, we would recommend avoiding any high risk activities such as surfing, paragliding or snowboarding! Simply enjoy the valuable rest time!

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4. Check your insurance!

Insurance is one of the most important things you can have when organising your holiday! And particularly now that you are pregnant. You should contact your insurer directly and make any necessary amendments. Do not avoid this if you think you may have to pay a bit extra….you will be glad of paying that little bit extra, if you have to use your policy!

And Safe and Happy Travels!! 😁😁




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