First Feeding Box Payment Installment


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Terms & Conditions

At the BabyDoc Club we want to empower and equip Mums around Ireland to feed their newborn regardless of whatever journey they decide to take. For many, especially in today’s challenging society, €125 is a lot of money to pay out in one go. To make this First Feeding Box as accessible as possible, we’re facilitating payment over 3 installments at no extra cost to the purchaser.

The following terms & conditions do not effect your statutory rights.

  1. First installment to execute upon completion and submission of payment details above.
  2. Subsequent installments to execute every month thereafter.
  3. Future installments will be automatically charged to the payment method selected above.
  4. In cases where payments do not complete, we will contact you in order to resolve issue.
  5. In cases where a customer repeatedly defaults on payment – the order will be cancelled. We will refund any amounts paid to date less any transaction charges incurred.
  6. Under any circumstance, no First Feeding Box will ship without full payment being received.
  7. While we endeavour to act in good faith at all times, we reserve the right to cancel and refund orders at our discretion.
  8. For more details or queries, please call our Dublin office on (01) 524 1733 or feel free to email us on