Starting your digital baby book…..why we think making your own “baby-mail” is the best way!!

From the moment baby is born, time will just fly past! The first day at home, the first laugh, the first word……to the first day of preschool! You won’t want to miss a thing!! But how can you keep all those firsts and happy memories in a safe place? A digital baby book may just be the answer!

We have 2 simple ideas that are easy to manage, fun to keep a track of, and inclusive to the whole family!

1. What is a digital baby book?

Very simply put, a digital baby book is exactly like a normal baby book, but you can keep it all online! You can keep all the records of milestones, funny photos, family photos, birthdays etc in perfect order! It will even allow you to make sure that everything is in order by date, so from the very beginning, you are going to see baby all the way through to those toddler years and even on into the school years!!baby book internal

2. Create little ones very own email account!

Email is such a simple and permanent way to file all those precious memories away. When your little one is all grown up and wants to look back on all the magical milestone moments, and messages from mum and dad – what was going on from day to day, week to week, or month to month!

To create little ones own email you should first try “first name, last name @……com”. For It will be nice to have the email address saved for your son or daughter later in life also!

And then away you go!! Send as many photos and videos and messages as you like to your baby’s very own email address. And it will all be safely stored in order of date, ready for when he/she turns 18 or 21, or whenever you feel they are mature enough to appreciate the gift of all those precious messages! Also, you can give the email address to Grandparents, Godparents etc. Anyone that you feel would make a valued and loving contribution. A word of warning here-DO NOT hand over the account and password until they really are appreciative and old enough to cherish this amazing mail internal

3. Create your little ones private Facebook page!

Now…..definitely i know that some parents will have their own feelings about photos and information of your kids on Facebook, so this option is absolutely only for those that are happy to do so! You can set up a closed/private Facebook page for your child. And just like with an email account, you can post away on it – messages, photos, videos etc. You can give access to grandparents or godparents also. A fantastic way to keep all those memories in one place! And to hand over the page to your “not so little one” when they are all grown up!!

AND REMEMBER……this is not just for your little one, but also for you to look back and see how much they have grown and developed their own little ways and personalities over the years!

Here’s to making Happy Memories!




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