Your BabyDoc Guide to Cradle Cap! Treatment options & what NOT to do!

Cradle cap, yes it can be quite unsightly, BUT it is very common, so try not to worry! It shouldn’t cause baby any distress, but it should be treated! We have simple solutions, products and Top Tips that are really going to help. But it is worth remembering, that you may need to be PERSISTENT with cradle cap!


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First off, what is it?

  • Caused by excess oils.
  • It will appear yellow and scaly.
  • Flaky and thick patches can appear also.
  • Not just on the scalp, but can also appear on eyebrows, behind ears, around little one’s nose!

What Products can help?

* None of these products have paid to feature in this article, they are featured based on our own Mummysaver experience and recommendations! We are very happy to recommend checking them out, and if it helps you, even better! Always read packaging instructions, and as always, we recommend a patch test before use!

  • Coconut oil can be great! Such as –
  • 1) Kokoso baby organic coconut oil for approximately €10! You can chcek this product out at Boots HERE!


  • Scalp creams such as –
  • 1) Moo goo scalp cream for approximately €15! Find out more about this product HERE! 
  • 2) Mustela baby cradle cap cream for approximately €10! You can find out more about this product HERE!


  • Or a Cradle cap kit such as –
  • 1) Kidsclin cradle cap kit for approximately €20 available from HERE!


Here are some added Top Tips to help treat cradle cap, and some important things to AVOID!

  2. A gentle soft bristled brush will help to gently remove!
  3. Leaving coconut oil over night, gently massaged in and wash it out in the morning using a soft bristled brush to help gently remove flakes!
  4. IF it is itching and irritating baby….you should contact your GP as it may be somethimg else that is causing the flaky skin!
  5. It can take a while to clear up so PERSISTENCE is key!! Stick to your cradle cap care routine and it should start to improve.



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