Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner – gentle on newborn’s delicate skin!

Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner!

Help to keep laundry soft and gentle for newborns delicate skin…even before their arrival!

Hypoallergenic, dermatalogically tested….and smells so fresh for the whole family! Watch NOW to see all the benefits of Comfort Pure for baby and the whole family!


Your baby skincare routine should start even before your baby is born! Many first time parents don’t know that all baby clothing & bedding needs to be washed in a Non-Bio detergent before they’re used. It gets rid of any chemicals that might be lingering within the fibre. Remember, until birth your baby has spent their entire little lives in the womb. Given just how delicate a newborn’s skin can be and how much time they spend wrapped in clothing, it’s important you also use a fabric conditioner to keep fibres smooth, gentle and soft on your little one’s skin.

Comfort Pure – the fabric conditioner Irish parents know best – many from our own childhood!  It’s super gentle, hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested with skincare research and is recognised by the British Skincare foundation – in fact it’s the recommended choice for sensitive skin.

When dry, clothes will feel so much softer and it has this amazing smell you’ll always remember! In fact, for parents returning to work using Comfort on your clothes can make you feel that bit closer to your little one!

Using Comfort Pure is so easy! Pop your baby stained clothing into the washing machine along with a Persil Non Bio capsule, then add in Comfort Pure! Simple!

Use it on your own clothes too. Aside from making the fibres softer for your baby to snuggle into, with baby sick and poo becoming part of your new daily routine, you’ll find yourself washing clothes more than ever. By softening the fibres, Comfort Pure has the added benefit of reducing the wear & tear on the fabric.

It’s amazing value too – a 36 wash will RRP around €4.40! Sounds cheesy but the smell lasts a lifetime! Available at Dunnes Stores, Tesco, SuperValu and all leading supermarkets!

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