The changing of the clocks…..what can you do if baby needs help adjusting!!

The changing of the clocks means the return of Spring, longer evenings, brighter mornings and Summer is only round the corner!! This can play havoc with all the hard work you have put into little ones sleeping schedule!! 

Luckily the “Spring forward” change of the clocks shouldn’t be as big an adjustment as the Autumn change!! But still, some babies (and parents too!) might need a little help in coming to terms with body clocks! 

Here are some helpful tips to keep sleep on track:

1. First things first….

Before you try anything….stick to what you know!! And just see how it goes from there. Begin by waking little ones at the usual time on Sunday morning and following your regular daily routine. Continue with the normal nap and bedtimes, and kids should be on track within a week or so.

2. Gradual changes….

If you feel that your little one is going to react to the change of the clocks….introduce a gradual change!  If his typical wake time is 6:30 a.m. move it to 6:00 a.m. a few days before the actual change happens. This way once the clocks spring forward he’ll already be prepped for the new time.

3. Helpful tips for those brighter mornings and evenings….

With the sun shining earlier in the morning as the month goes on and those sunny bedtimes, it’s important to make sure your child’s bedroom is set up to promote sleep, even in the daylight. You could use any of these ideas-

Black-out blinds
Keep those early sunrises banished from little ones room and make bedtime nice and dark, even if it’s still light out. Go anywhere blackout blinds are a super all round investment!

Toddler alarm clocks
If your toddler is struggling, you can set an alarm to your desired sleep and wake times, making it easier for him to understand and follow the schedule. Use it during naps too!

Sound machines
If you’re lucky enough to live close to nature, or even just have a leafy enclave….the early morning and late night bird choir can be hard to sleep with. Try masking the bird chatter first thing in the morning and outside sounds at night with a white noise machine.

And here’s to enjoying the better weather and summer days!! 






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