*NEW* Neutral for EXTRA sensitive skin, Eczema & skin conditions!

This is EXCITING NEWS for anyone suffering from Eczema, EXTRA sensitive skin or a diagnosed skin condition!! Neutral Laundry detergent & conditioner have been SPECIALLY designed to HELP PROTECT against irritations, flare-ups and reactions! Something as parents, we try so hard to AVOID! It will help you tick all the boxes to PROTECT those SENSITIVE skin types! 🤗 -0% perfumes or colourants!  -Hypoallergenic! -Dermatologically tested! -No.1 for Sensitive Skin in Scandanavia!  -Danish & UK […]

BabyDoc Basics PODCASTS have ARRIVED! And…it’s FREE to tune in ANY time!

We are SO excited here at the BabyDoc Club, with the launch of our NEW BabyDoc Basics Podcast sessions! AND…it’s FREE!!! 👶🎉🤰 Becoming a parent can be daunting! There is SO much to think about from budgeting on that ‘baby list’, how to treat nappy rash & EVERYTHING in between!!! BabyDoc Basics Podcasts bring parenting ‘BACK to BASICS’! With […]

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