You, Your Baby and Social Media

Social media has exploded over the last ten years. Everyone now has a smartphone which allows us to take photographs of our daily lives. These photographs are shared across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily. Mothers are proud of their children and want to share photos of them with family and friends. This has made it really easy for family and friends to keep up with baby’s progress! But it is important that we share photos of our babies and children in safe ways; which will not negatively affect them.

Take note of our top tips on how to use social media safely. To keep your children protected and happy in the future!


1. Bath Time

Photos of Bath time are best kept offline. These photos of your naked baby are very personal and are not appropriate for social media. A beautiful moment of your baby in the bath shared online could potentially end up in the wrong hands.


2. Sick or injured

Don’t post photos of your baby when they are sick or injured. Nobody wants a photo of themselves posted when they’re not well.


3. On The Potty

Posting photos of your toddler on the potty could seem cute, but it could be a mistake that will not impress your child in years to come.


4. Group Photos

Always seek permission from the parents of all children in a group photo before posting it on social media. You could get yourself in a spot of bother with other parents if you don’t.


5. Private Details

Never, ever post a photo which reveals private details about you or your child. This includes photos of the front of your house, your address, where they go to school or any other information which, if in the wrong hands, could pose a threat to the safety of your child.


6. Criticism

Be aware of critical parents who may view your social media posts. Other parents could take a photograph of your baby sitting on your lap in a parked car out of context. This could cause another parent to interpret this wrongly and it could be assumed that you do not use a car-seat for your baby.   Keep this in mind when posting photos to avoid unwanted arguments and misunderstandings about your choices as a parent.


7. Bullying

Keep in mind how a post or photo of your child on social media now, could affect them when they are older if it was to ever resurface. Kids have a hard time in school with bullying as it is, so please be careful with anything you post about them. Make sure it would not embarrass them in the future or be used against them if it was to be found by their classmates.

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