DON’T blow the baby budget! TOP TIPS to save your cash on that baby list!

Sticking to the baby budget…the line between the list of what your baby actually NEED’s and what we buy will always be a little grey! Excitement, gifts, first baby or last baby…presents will flow in and there will always be new ‘life-saver’ products that catch your eye!

The reality is…often mum’s will not KNOW what your baby needs…until they arrive! There are of course basic items, that everyone will need from day 1…the car seat…nappies…clothes….a crib! But for other can be trial and error. Testing baby products for ourselves will make up our mind on what works for your baby, home or life-style. But this realisation maybe too late when you have already spent the cash!

For example…

The buggy you bought for your first baby… may now not be suitable to use for the twins on the way!!!!OR…That magic rotating, swinging, vibrating baby chair that cost you £200… in theory was what you thought you needed as your neighbour ‘swears’ by it.. but your baby literally hated the thing! So, sometimes, with all good intentions, we can buy needlessly or can’t re-use favorite items we cherished first time round!

With all that in mind here are a few money saving tips that can go a long way!

  1. Borrow from family and friends! Clothes, buggies, toys, bedding etc! A lot of items can be passed between your circle of mum’s! It is advised to buy any mattresses or breast pumps NEW however.
  2. Test drive a product! So, if you are lucky and your friend or family member has a baby product you are interested in buying…ask if you can have a little test drive of it! Then, decide if you want to buy for yourself!!
  3. Buy 2nd hand! So you have your eye on a fancy top of the range buggy…but can’t afford the heavy price-tag! Well buying second hand you can bag that ‘must have’ Bugaboo (with all the accessories) for half the price! Some people relocate and need to get rid of their perfectly good items at low prices! Or the product just didn’t suit them! It’s a great idea to take someone with you for a second opinion. Remember, don’t feel pressured to buy and ensure you test drive and fully inspect the item first! Did you know that if the original owner has the receipt then the product is still covered under the manufacturers warranty!
  4. Ask everyone you know with a baby what products they used and IF they definitely would recommend them! You might be surprised that not everyone will recommend what they used!
  5. Visit retailer stores and baby fairs and ask for product information and demonstrations. Even if you are planning to buy cheaper elsewhere online, it is a great idea to get a feel for the product face-to face! The size, quality of the materials and ease of use are all things you can only judge in the flesh. This ultimately may mean less impulsive online shopping!


If you are having a baby shower you could ask for wipes and nappies instead of presents! This way, no-one’s money is wasted on presents that are not your cup of tea and you will ALWAYS need nappies and wipes!!!!! Trust us!

Shopping for baby should be exciting but the cost is staggering! So shop around, check out loyalty clubs and some retailers will even offer payment plans or discounts when you buy in bulk! It NEVER hurts to ask!

And HAPPY shopping!

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